I just don’t want us to have a sad ending like this.

Especially not one that always happens in movies.

that’s so lame.

among other things

Fall in love with the boy who loves everything about you. The boy who wouldn’t change a single thing about you, because to him you’re perfect just the way you are.He is kind, and he’s polite. He makes you laugh so hard it hurts.& when you look at him you catch him staring at you like you’re the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen, and to him you are. Fall in love with the boy who loves you because you are you. The boy who respects you, and appreciates you. The boy who cares so deeply about you. Who makes it his priority every day to make you happy. The boy who gives you all of his heart. The boy who goes to sleep thinking about you and wakes up wishing you were in his arms. The boy who just wants you, and only you. Because he needs you. You are his sunshine, you are the stars in his universe. You are the love of his life. & if you haven’t met this boy yet, you will one day. I promise you.

Rasco Cortez (via sincerelyrasco)